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Cosmetic Tattoo


We have specialised in Cosmetic Tattooing at Beauty Ink since 2008. All our Tattoo procedures are performed by Caroline and her two daughters Charlene and Sherrilee. Caroline is a highly skilled and accredited, internationally recognised Cosmetic Tattooist, she has earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality of work which led her to win Australian Advanced Cosmetic Tattooist 2010 one of the many achievements in her career. Her passion and success in the industry inspired her daughters in 2013 to follow in her footsteps and now all three work together in all aspects of Cosmetic Tattooing.


We use and distribute Australia wide the most premium quality Tattoo Pigments and equipment, our pigments heal beautifully in the skin and stay true to the original colour for years to come. Beauty Ink is a registered skin penetration clinic and we follow very strict hygiene and safety protocols.


During each Tattoo procedure, a local topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure the procedure is pain free and comfortable, we also supply all the aftercare products and instructions as part of the procedure costs.


Feather Touch Brows:

A semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo where very fine strokes are etched between the natural Brow hairs to fill in gaps and create a perfect shape. This technique gives the illusion of natural hair therefore being the most popular choice for Eyebrow Tattooing these days. Feather Touch Brows last between 12-18 months and are performed with a Micro Blade hand tool.


Eyeliner Tattoo:

Semi-permanent Eyeliner tattooing is a process whereby pigment is tattooed along the lash line to enhance your eyes without having to daily apply eyeliner. There are several options available when it comes to Eyeliner Tattooing. For clients who don't wear a lot of makeup and wish to have a fine lash line to subtly enhance their eyes to something a little more visible or dramatic we will tailor the perfect liner to compliment your eye shape and lifestyle.


Cosmetic Tattoo Price List



Feather Touch Brows

Touch Up (within 6 months)

Annual Touch Up



Standard Eyeliner Top or Bottom

Standard Eyeliner Top and Bottom

Dramatic Eyeliner (Winged) Top

Touch Up (within 6 months)


Refinement or Touch Up:

Refinements are sometimes required from 4-6 weeks after original procedure.






From... $350








Eyebrows - Before & After

Eyeliner - Before & After