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Professional Skin Needling / ECIT Treatment
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Deep Wrinkle Treatment
Helps to restore the Elastin and Collagen within the deep wrinkles thereby “plumping” the wrinkle. Results are amazing and treatments less invasive than surgery.

Skin Needling - some more information

What is Skin Needling and ECIT?
Skin Needling or Derma Needling is a procedure, also known as micro needling, that uses multiple needles to penetrate the skin and stimulate new collagen fiber growth. The needling process improves micro-circulation and elastin formation beneath the skin to thicken the dermis and improve skin texture, reduce and plump up wrinkles, smooth away acne scars, tighten loose skin and give a much improved skin texture and evenness.

The concept of skin needling, whether professionally or with home care skin stamp is to exploit the skin's healing or repair process, the body's reaction when skin is damaged. Just the same as your skin heals when wounded, regenerating new skin cells and repairing the skin, the skin needling process creates tiny micro "wounds" beneath the skin. This places the skin in a "healing mode or state" and naturally the skin is stimulated to form new collagen cells to plump wrinkles from underneath the skin's surface.

With the RejuvaStamp®
 the "wounding" process is controlled and well-calibrated so that the skin remodelling or repair that follows improves the texture of the skin and smoothes out wrinkles, fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and other skin impurities. All dermal or skin stamps have needles with predetermined length to ensure safe needling without any damage to the deeper layers of skin.

After skin needling, the penetration of skin care products active ingredients increases significantly when compared to the regular topical application. Due to increased skin care products absorption, our skin gets a better dosage of highly recommended vitamin A and vitamin C contained in the skin care products, which helps the skin to release more collagen in a natural way.

Beauty Ink also offers Professional ECIT and Dry Needling Wrinkle Treatment;
this procedure is performed only by a certified, professional practitioner and is only available by consultation.

What can skin needling treat?
• Acne Scarring
• Lines and Wrinkles
• Sun-Damaged Skin
• Loose Skin
• Thin Crepey Skin
• Minimises Open Pores
• Stretch Marks
• Cellulite

Advantages & Benefits of Skin Needling:
• Treatment does not damage the skin
• Skin becomes thicker, with greater than 400% increase in collagen disposition
   and significantly more elastin.
• Any part of the body can be treated
• Compared with Laser Resurfacing, it is less expensive and the skin remains
• Safe with darker pigmented skin, without hyperpigmentation
• Skin does not become sensitive
• Safe on people who have previously had Laser Resurfacing
• Safe on thin skin

What are the effects of Skin Needling?
Skin needling induces skin's natural collagen building, that will help to restore skin tightness and dramatically reduce the signs of ageing, reduce pigmentation marks, thicken thin skin, smooth fine lines, soften different types of scars and reduce dilated blood vessels. Needling also increases the absorption of active ingredients in skin care products used, increasing their effectiveness.

Skin needling can be used to successfully:
reduce scars so after a few treatments they will flatten and become less obvious,
reduce wrinkles
- lower-eyelid wrinkles, upper-lip lines and other facial wrinkles,
reduce cellulite
for having beautiful tight skin without any dimpling appearance,
reduce stretch marks so they almost fade.

Effectiveness of skin needling may vary on different individuals, but most will see up to a 50% improvement.

RejuvaStamp® for Skin or Derma Needling
The RejuvaStamp® for Skin Needling is a handy tool designed for home care by the user and is considered one of the safest treatment methods for natural skin care. Unlike many other skin therapies, the RejuvaStamp® does not damage the skin or epidermis and being less invasive, recovery time is shorter and there is less risk of complications. Skin Needling with the RejuvaStamp® can also be a lot less expensive then other skin treatment methods.

Is Skin Needling with the RejuvaStamp® safe?
No side-effects have been experienced with RejuvaStamp® treatments. The RejuvaStamp® can be used safely on all skin types with no risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, as the melanocytes, which is found in the lower part of skin layers, are not damaged in any way during skin needling.
RejuvaStamp® is not only safe, but also cost effective and simple to use.

When to Avoid using the RejuvaStamp®
Using the RejuvaStamp® is not recommended with active infections, chronic skin disorders, blood clotting problems, poor healing or skin malignancies, active acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, severe solar keratosis and raised moles or warts.

RejuvaStamp® should not be used for 6 months post Reaccutane Treatment.

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