Cosmetic Micro-Skin Stimulation

Achieve younger looking skin naturally

Cosmetic Micro-Skin Stimulating Pen

If you want to give your skin a beautiful plump glow and brightening, then Cosmetic Micro-Skin Stimulation treatment is for you. The disk of stimulator points at 0.25mm is rubbed along the skin causing the epidermis of the skin to be stimulated increasing collagen regeneration and elastin. It also exfoliates the skin therefore we find it amazing at lifting out stubborn bumps or congestion under the skin.


Downtime for this treatment is 1-2 days of slight red flushing on the skin. Please note: We do not treat acne scarring or deep lines and wrinkles with this Cosmetic Micro-Skin Stimulation.



Pro-Stamp® Cosmetic Micro-Skin Stimulation System


Introducing Pro-Stamp® The New Advanced Cosmetic Skin Stimulation System which gives fast results, with minimal downtime!


** Pro-Stamp® is not a medical device and therefore no medical claims are made **


Pro-Stamp® Cosmetic Micro-Skin Stimulation is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation system. A 'one-of-a-kind' device is used to give your skin that amazing glow! Smooths and refines the skins surface.


The absolute best treatment for skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation this exclusive treatment is now available at Beauty Ink®.


This non-invasive technology gives phenomenal results in skin rejuvenation. The Pro-Stamp® concept and techniques are different in their delivery and therefore safe and highly effective. Pro-Stamp system incorporates skin stimulator points which are adjustable from 0.1mm to 0.5mm this stimulates the epidermis and upper dermis, your skins upper layers by exfoliating and stimulating the skin to regenerate. Pro-Stamp® together with our other specific techniques at the correct stimulating depths optimize and provide unsurpassed results whilst the epidermis is left intact.


The concept is to provide safe treatments for skin therapists who are looking for great results with minimal downtime. At Beauty Ink we have over 10 years skin stimulation experience. Call to book with one of our Pro-Stamp® specialists today!


Full Face

Half Face

Eye area

Mouth area

Full Face and Neck

Stomach (Stretch Marks)

We also recommend adding an LED Light Therapy after Pro-Stamp® cosmetic stimulation to promote collagen regeneration, to assist healing and decrease any downtime from the treatment.


* LED Add on available



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